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How to make lovely baby shoes

Do you have some unused t-shirt, sweater? Do you want to recycle them? Check out the following picture tutorial that you can turn them...

How to make wonderful Bead Pansy Flower

Make this wonderful bead pansy flower and place it where your guesses see first when they enter your home. I can assure you that you will...

DIY Elegant Evening Braid Hairstyle

Here is going to show you beautiful and elegant evening hairstyle tutorial. It is perfect for both- formal and casual occasions. Just follow these...

how to make Clay Pot Flower People

You could have something like this in your yard. It just takes a little imagination and time. All the materials can b found on home...

How to make a very special nail art

Your nail art doesn't need to be the same as others'. You can easily make a very special one.
How to make cute sock puppy

How to make cute sock puppy

Do you know that you can use unused socks to make a cute puppy?

How to DIY Lace layered Skirt from Old Jean

Every woman has jeans in her closet, but when the jeans are out of trend, or worn out, what are you going to do? If...

How to Hand Made 3D Greeting Card Step by Step

Send your friends this handmade 3D butterfly greeting card in stead of  bought in stores. this 3D greeting cards very suitable for Mother's Day....

How to DIY Chinese Knot Fish Step by Step

I hope this fantastic fish  is to your liking, and clear pictures to help do the job even without a description.

How to Make High Heel Cupcakes Tutorial

These adorable high heel cupcakes can be decorated in minutes. If you have a party coming up, you might want to try. enjoy!  :-P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCfoLHlvNCQ&feature=youtu.be  

How To Weave Fashion Button Bracelet Step by Step

Here's another stylish bracelet tutorial using cord. We need: cord scissors button  glue
Crepe Paper Flowers

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers for Home Decoration

Crepe Paper Flowers is a low cost solution to have beautiful flowers at hand for your home, gift decorations, party decor and so on....