20+ Recycle Old Tree Stump Ideas

Tree stumps are one of the harder features to remove from a yard. They take a lot of money and effort to remove completely. Do you have random tree trunks in your yard  awaiting excavation? If you don’t have a budget or time to get rid of them in near future, then these 20+ Recycle Old Tree Stump Ideas may help you decorate them. The collection feature creative painting ideas, flowering plants and metal or wood artworks. You will be amazed how many things you can make out of them.

Tree stumps are a perfect material for garden art and yard decorations. These DIY transformations are perfect for someone like me, because they are easy and inexpensive to create gorgeous centerpieces that add unconventional flare to outside or even inside the home. Whether turning a tree stump into a piece of furniture, something functional, or something decorative, the possibilities really do seem endless. And depending on the finish you give to the stump, it could live inside or outside.

Do you love breathing new life into something old? try one (or more) of these Recycle Old Tree Stump Ideas.

20 + Creative Ideas to Recycle Old Tree Stumps

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Tree Stump Fairy Garden Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Tree Stump Bird Bath

Tree Stump Bird BathTree Stump Bird Bath

Tree Stump Decorative Mushrooms

Tree Stump Decorative Mushrooms Tree Stump Decorative MushroomsTree Stumps Garden Decoration--Mushroom