8 Amazing Miniature Fairy Garden DIY Ideas

We just converted my front yard lawn to drought resistant perennials. We have been actively looking for great ideas to decorate it in last few weeks. After doing some research, we’ve decided to make a couple of Miniature Fairy Gardens. Among all other crafts like knitting, crocheting, recycle and repurpose projects, making miniature gardens provides a fun alternative especially for the ones who enjoy gardening. We gathered 8 Amazing Miniature Fairy Garden DIY Ideas which will help you choose your favorite Fairy gardens for your outdoor living spaces. Most of them are simply designed and easy to accomplish. Fairy houses with small fences, garden benches or small tables are whimsical items. You can buy some fairy garden decor kits from amazon. The miniature garden design ideas are endless. All you need is the imagination. Share with us your design. Enjoy.

 DIY Bird Bath Fairy Garden Tutorial

Tutorial–>My Lovely Fairy Garden

 DIY Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Photo–>Clay Pot Spot

How To Make A Mini Fairy Garden

Tutorial–>How To Make A Mini Fairy Garden 

 DIY Basket Fairy Garden

Photo–>Ideas for a fairy garden party

 DIY Fairy Garden

Detail–>There Are Fairies Living In The Garden

DIY Pumpkin Fairy Garden

Photo–>DIY Pumpkin Fairy Garden

 DIY Fairy Garden

Tutorial–>How to Start a Fairy Garden

 DIY Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Photo–> DIY Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden