DIY Cute Concrete Planter

Planters are wonderful addition to your outdoor setting. We can go to buy ready-to-go planter directly, but some times you just cannot find the exact design to meet your needs, besides most likely you will have same planters as your neighborhood. The solution is to make Concrete Planter Pots for your garden, porch and landscaping.

DIY Cute Concrete Planter with Plastic Bottle

Compared to clay or terra cotta planters, concrete planters are more durable and less likely to break. It is a material that is easy to find – you can buy a bag in your local hardware store. Concrete is also easy to work with, you can use different molds and achieve various shapes and designs. Concrete planters are also easy to personalize, you can paint them whatever color you want or put oxide into your mix.

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Cute Planter