DIY Dome Greenhouse to Have Fresh Flower and Plants All Year Long

A greenhouse allows you to have fresh flowers and other plants. If you are one of those who lives in an area that is not very garden friendly, you may want to consider a geodesic dome greenhouse.

Geodesic dome greenhouses are not only beautiful, but also they have many other advantages that make them a great option for backyard food growing. The dome shape gives a large volume for a small surface area, with plenty of space inside for vertical growing. The shape also maximizes sun exposure, so plants get the full benefit of the sun from all angles. The triangles in the frame distribute weight equally throughout the structure, so no internal supports are needed. This structure is built using durable light materials and the design also makes it very strong resistant to strong winds. The size can be easily scaled up or down by expanding or reducing the size of the base and adding or subtracting triangles accordingly.

DIY Dome Greenhouse

Ready to build it? Click below link for tutorial…

Dome Solar Greenhouse