DIY Hanging String Garden (Video)

If you live in the city and have ever wished for a garden, there are dozens of ways to add greenery to brighten up your space. Hanging String Garden is one of them.  It takes this tradition a step further by suspending these little green worlds in the air.

DIY Hanging String Garden
Photo via trendland

Using string, moss, grass, and bowls or a glass reservoir – plants are transformed into suspended living works of art that are a variation of the Japanese botanical style, kokedma. Kokedama takes presentational aesthetics outside the box—literally. Kokedama are made by transferring your plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together with moss and string. String gardens are simple, fun to make, and really tie the room together.

What you will need:

  • Tiny plants (succulents and baby ferns work well)
  • Peat soil, cacti soil, clay mud
  • Dry sphagnum moss
  • Scissors
  • Cotton thread
  • Twine, hemp or other strings
  • Gloves (option)
  • Jar of water
  • Bowl (optional)

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