DIY Containers Garden Pond

Not enough space in your garden? Not a problem for the DIY enthusiasts. You could make your own pond, but in a smaller size.

Today we will show you, step by step, how to make your own pond with floating plants. Ultimately it is very cute and colorful to place in your garden.

DIY Containers Garden Pond DIY Containers Garden PondDIY Containers Garden Pond

DIY Containers Garden Pond



  • Use little soil and gravel (crushed rock)
  • If you want separations in the pond, try to use a rubber material.
  • Use clay pots large and deep enough.

How to keep the water clean – one of the main problems would be the growth of algae, so it is recommended:

  • Do not use heavily chlorinated water or saline or very calcareous.
  • Place your pond where there is not much sunshine
  • Eliminate waste of nature, like dried leaves or fallen branches.
  • Bring oxygen to the water, including a motor for waterfall or oxygen

Plants that you can include:

Water lettuce: devours the pollutant nitrogen excreted by fish or nitrates added to the pond.

Vallisneria, pondweed: These are plants that provide oxygen to the water.

Lily, Paragüitas, water mint, yellow lilies are beautiful flowers and decorative plants. Ask at your nearest nursery on another variety of suitable plants to the pond.