5 Reflexology Secrets Hidden in Palms

Hand reflexology is as effective as any other type of reflexology. We use hand reflexology to relieve symptoms such as headaches, back pain,  flu, cold and much much more! Though it is less common than massaging the feet, the massage of hands has some advantages because it is very simple. It is easy to do in lots of circumstances, such as when you wait for a traffic light or you have a break during work etc. Reflexology reduces stress (a major contributing factor to disease), enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, and balances both body and soul. Research shows that a single reflexology session can create relaxation, reduce anxiety, diminish pain, improve circulation of blood flow and decrease high blood pressure.

5 Reflexology Secrets Hidden in the Palm of Your Hand

Below video shows us 5 easy and powerful self-help reflexology techniques you can use on your hands to help with:

–digestive problems such as bloating and constipation using the Million Dollar Golf Ball Technique
–low energy, exhaustion, and insomnia
–congestion from colds, flu, allergies
–back pain
–low libido or sex drive