30+ Genius Parenting Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

11.Prevent Your Child’s Toys From Floating Away In the Bathtub Via: reddit.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier1

12.Use to-go sauce pots to keep pacifiers clean while you’re out Via: cynditha.blogspot.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier2

13.Stick a Command hook on the back of a high chair to hold bibs. Via:definitelyjennifer.com20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier 26

14.Teach your child to hold a pencil the right way with a wad of Kleenex.  Via:rocksinmydryer.typepad.com

20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier 27

15.A big cardboard box can be re-purposed into a stair slide.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier3

16.A baby shower cap will make bath time tear-free Via : fancy.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier4

17.Turn an throwing away lotion bottle into a faucet extender Via : pinterest.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier5

18.Cute baby mop suit Via : betterthanpants.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier6

19.“You Shall Not Pass” sign tells your kids when they have enough toilet paper Via : amandathevirtuouswife.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier7

20.Create a safe play area for your kids with inflatable pools Via : imgur.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier8

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