30+ Genius Parenting Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

Parenting is never an easy job. Not only you have to have a ton of patience, but also you don’t get paid . 🙂 Parenting can be hard, but as we all know — it’s totally worth it. Here are more than 30 practical tips and hints on how to make parenting a little bit easier for you, and more fun for your children at the same time.

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1.Make a hammock for your kid under a table Via : joyfulabode.com.20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier21

2.To stop nighttime coughing, rub vapor rub on their feet and put socks over them. Via:Tiffkeetch.blogspot.com20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier 25

3.Install a baby-gate using heavy-duty cable ties instead of nailing into the banister. Via:foxfamilyincary.blogspot.ca

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4.Push your kid on a swing from afar using a string or rope. Via:reddit.com

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5.A cut pool noodle will prevent little fingers from getting slammed in doors.

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6.Make a bracelet for your child with your phone number on it


7.This sweet station is for the little darling who’s always on the move. Travel bed + changing station. Folds for easy storage. Via: Zulily

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8.Punish your kids when they’re fighting. Via: sheridanfrench


9.Use a barrette to fix your little girl’s too-loose tank top. Via: Instagram.com

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10.Fill a glove with something like beans to make a silent escape when your little one has finally drifted off to sleep Via : theparentbible.com20-Genius-Parenting-Hacks-That-Make-Parenting-So-Much-Easier0