Sewing 3D Pinwheel Flowers Tutorial

The traditional pinwheel flower is a timeless classic on a quilt and brings color and a 3-D look in a pretty and simple way. You can make designs for pillows, table runner quilt patterns, and new quilt block patterns with the use of half square triangles. Pinwheel quilt patterns are perfect for any season and they aren’t difficult to put together at all. Make any time of year a little brighter with this 3D pinwheel pattern. If you want to learn how to do this, Here is the Sewing 3D Pinwheel Flowers Tutorial and video.

3-Dimensional origami Pinwheel Quilt Block

3-Dimensional Pinwheel Quilt Block

Quilting basics can really come in handy when it comes to designing a new pattern. 3 dimensional quilt blocks are a lot of fun.  They add a lot of dimension to the quilt and even though they might be a bit confusing to begin with, once you get the hang of it, they are super simple.

sewing 3D Pinwheels Quilt

 3D Pinwheels Quilt

Pinwheel Table Runner Tutorial

Pinwheel Table Runner

3D pinwheel potholder or possibly coaster sewing tutorial

3D pinwheel potholder 

Pinwheel Little Girls Apron Pattern

Pinwheel Little Girls Apron Pattern