18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

7.Bookshelf Herb Garden

Find yourself a nice little bookcase for your potted herbs to grow and thrive. Photo via Sous Style.

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas--Bookshelf Herb Garden

8. Upcycle Drawer Herb Garden

Have a drawer lying around? Turn it into your very own herb garden. This is an easy ides, just insert some pots and/or lining and you’re all set.

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas--Upcycle Drawer Herb Garden

9. Chalk Paint Indoor Herb Garden

Never have to worry about mixing up which herb is which with some chalk paint. Instruction via Breakfast with Audrey

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas---Chalk Paint Indoor Herb Garden

10. Pegboard Herb Garden

Tea cups planted with herbs and simply hung on a piece of peg-board. you may also like 14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas.

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas---Pegboard Herb Garden

11. Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden

Miss making something from mason jars? Then this will be your next mason jar project. Get the tutorial here.

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas---Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden

12. DIY Bottle Garden

Got old bottles lying around? Cut them up and make an indoor herb garden out of them. Instruction via Design Sponge.

18 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas---DIY Bottle Garden

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