DIY River Stone Carpet

If you want to boost your home decor, and if you want toĀ feel closer to nature at home, try this DIY stone carpet project. It’s cool and can give you some foot massage too. šŸ™‚

What needed:

ā€¢ Grip linerĀ  (If you’re creating a bathmat, your mat needsĀ to allow water to flow)
ā€¢ Some contact adhesive
ā€¢ 4 bags of river rocks

How to do:

1. Cut your mat to your desired size.

2. If your rocks are dirty, clean them and allow to dry. Sort out the rocks you want to use and lay them out on your mat until you’re satisfied with the arrangement. Try to keep the rocks as flat as possible for a smooth surface.

3. Lay a plastic drop cloth under your mat to catch the glue drips, then, one at a time glue your rocks down.

4. Let dry then peel off the plastic. If any plastic stuck to your mat just peel it off, or use a stiff wire brush to scrub it loose.

5. If you’d like your mat to be sturdier, enforce the bottom with chicken wire or a finer grade wire mesh in between another piece of your mat material.

DIY River Stone CarpetDIY River Stone CarpetDIY River Stone Carpet DIY River Stone Carpet


River Rock Doormat