DIY How to Print Pictures on Wood

Print-Picuture-on-Wood-1 Print-Picuture-on-Wood-2


Plain wooden planks are commonly underrated as a material for decorating. But a creative addition to such a plank will definitely make it a beautiful piece with which you can improve the interior design of your home. Just use this simple DIY method of transferring a picture onto wood.

Materials needed:

  • a picture
  • a printer
  • a couple of sheets of wax paper
  • a piece of wood.


The process itself is quite simple . So long as you read the whole list of steps, you will be able to make a beautiful piece of decoration in no time. Make sure the plank of wood is smooth, because a rough barn – even though the visual aspect is much authentic or rustic – won’t take the image on it as good. Now, take your favorite image and follow the instructions in order to transfer it to the piece of wood you are going to decorate home.

Read detailed instructions at here.