DIY Cozy Backrest Pillow with Arms

If you like to read, knitting, crochet or watch TV In bed, then a backrest pillow is the most comfortable way to go. This pillow has a very creative design of the backrest and arms which just resemble an armchair. It provides extra support for your back and arms and you’ll love to lean on it. It’s an easy DIY project that is definitely worth trying!

DIY Cozy Backrest Pillow with Arms Armpillow

You can make it for yourself by following the instructions below…

Reading/Knitting Pillow

If you spend a lot of time reading in bed, you’ll love this pillow too. It is designed to provide the back support needed to keep you comfortable while you read. It is shaped into a wedge for comfort. It also has a pocket for tucking a spare pair of reading glasses or a chocolate bar. This is both stylish and practical.Triple Hex Reading Pillow

Click below link for paid pattern….

Triple Hex Reading Pillow