How to Build Custom Craft Desk

Finding furniture that works for the space you have and the functionality you need isn’t always easy. Furthermore, a nice and well built desk with lots of storage space can be very expensive, it can reach to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So what options do you have if you need a table with storage for all your crafting materials?  Well, Instead of breaking the bank trying to find one that would suit your needs, here is a nice tutorial showing you how to Build Custom Craft Desk from a couple of cubby units.

The process of building is not as complicated as you thought. The desk is made out of three IKEA bookshelves, and a little extra supplies from the hardware store. You can start out by arranging the bookshelves in a general shape of that the desk will look like. Then connect them all together using big wooden pieces. You can also add the third bookshelf off to the side to allow for the desk to take on an L shape. The last task you need to do to complete the project is to add the top and some wooden molding. The Custom Craft Desk can meet whatever need you have. You can use it for you to store crafting supplies, or you can use it for everybody in your family, so that each has own place to store suppliers. You can also use it in the laundry room where it would come in handy.

How to Build Your Custom Craft Desk

How to Build Your Custom Craft Desk

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How to Build a Custom Craft Desk

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