30+ Cool DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer

Modern outdoor lights are available in many colors and designs for any taste and budget. Made of metal, concrete, waterproof plastic and ceramics, modern outdoor lights are functional, convenient and beautiful yard decorations. Suspended lamps and chandeliers for outdoor rooms, floor lamps and torchiers, glowing garden decorations and wall mounted outdoor lights in contemporary style can be combined with handmade lanterns and candle holders creating safe and inviting outdoor living spaces at night.

9.Fabric Lamps

Tutorial via here

Fabric Lamps--Cover plastic cups in colorful patterned fabrics and string them onto lights.

10.Glow Jars

Tutorial via here

DIY Glow Jars cool creativity

11.Birthday Hat Lights

Tutorial via here

Birthday Hat Lights

12.Seashell Lighting

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Tutorial via here

Seashell Lights

13.Mason Jar Fairy Lantern

Tutorial via here

How to Make Mason Jar Fairy Lantern (Video Tutorial)

14.Cupcake Lights

Tutorial here

DIY Cupcake Lights

15.Solar Lamp

Tutorial via here

DIY Simple and Easy Decorative DIY Solar Lamp with Only 3 Items

16.Shuttlecock Lights

Tutorial via here

DIY shuttlecock lights garland

17.Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches

Tutorial via here

DIY Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches

18.Star Luminarias

star luminarias light

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