50 Halloween Snack Ideas and Recipe

These Halloween recipes are yummy, fun to make with the kids, and perfect for a Halloween party food!

50 Halloween Snack Ideas and Recipe-0

1. Kid-Size Ghost Pizzas (Recipe here)
These individual pizzas are super cute and made with simple ingredients. Great for party!

alloween-Snack-Ideas-kid-size ghost pizza2.Owl Crackers (recipe here)

alloween-Snack-Ideas-owl-crackers3.Black Cat Dippers with Pumpkin Pie Dip (Recipe here)
An easy recipe sure to impress party guests.

Halloween Snack Ideas Black Cat Dippers with Pumpkin Pie Dip4.Apple Smiles  (recipe here)
Halloween-Snack-Ideas-apple-smiles 5.Carrot-Finger (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-carrot-fingers 6.Celery Mummies (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-celery-mummies 7.Cheese Eyeballs (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-cheese-eyeballs 8.Spooky Cheese Pops (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-cheese-pops

9.Cheese Pumpkins (recipe here)

Halloween-Snack-Ideas-cheese-pumpkins 10.Jack o’ Lantern Orange Packets (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-cuties 11.Spooky spider eggs (recipe here)
halloween snack Spooky spider eggs
12.Edible Eyeballs (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-edible-eyeballs 13.Eerie Eyeballs (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-eerie-eyeballs 14.Ghost Cheese (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-ghost-cheese 15.Caterpillar Grape Kabobs (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-grape-kabobs16.Mummy Toast (recipe here)
Halloween-Snack-Ideas-hot-dog-mummies 17.Stuffed Jack o’ Lantern Peppers (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-lantern-peppers 18.Puking Monster Melon Halloween-Snack-Ideas-monster-melon
19.Olive SnakeHalloween-Snack-Ideas-olive-snake 20.Jack o’ Lantern Orange Packets (via here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-orange-packets 21.Fruity Pumpkin Afro Halloween-Snack-Ideas-pumpkin-afro
22.Salty Bones (recipe here)
Halloween-Snack-Ideas-salty-bones 23.Jack o’ Lantern Snack Plate (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-snake-plate 24.Spider Cheese Balls (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-spider-cheese-balls

25.Mini Spider Sandwiches (recipe here)

Halloween-Snack-Ideas-spider-sandwiches 26.Tombstone Sandwiches (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-tombstone-sandwiches 27.Veggie Skeleton (recipe here)Halloween-Snack-Ideas-veggie-skeleton
28.Popcorn Witch’s Hand (recipe here)

29.Sucker Pumpkin (recipe here)

halloween snack  ideas Sucker Pumpkin

30.Mummy Toast ( Recipe here)healthy-halloween-party-food-mummy-toast-snacks31.Banana Ghosts  ( Recipe here)Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-banana-ghosts

32.”Boo”Nana Pops (recipe here)Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-boo-nanna-pops

33.Clementine Pumpkins (recipe here)

Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-clementine-pumpkins 34.Jack o’ Lantern Hummus Plate (recipe here)Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-hummus-plate

35.Pizza Fingers (recipe here)


36.Spider Crackers (recipe here)
These little cracker spiders would be a hit for a school party!

Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-spider-crackers37.Spooky Fruit Spider Snack (recipe here)Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-spider-snack

38.Spider Web Pizza (recipe here)


39.Cheesy Witch Brooms (recipe here)


40.Spider Web Snacks (recipe here)

halloween snack Spider Web Snacks

41.Mummy Cookie Pops (recipe here)


42.  Witchy Cookies (recipe here)


43. Cupcake Liner Witch Hats (recipe here)


44. Strawberry Ghosts (recipe here)

Strawberry Ghosts

45. Skulls on Sticks (recipe here)Skulls on Sticks

46.Slimy Jell-O worms Snacks (recipe here)

halloween-jello-worms-recipe halloween-jello-worms-recipe-1

47. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (recipe here)

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

48.Chocolate cat halloween treats (recipe here)


49. Chocolate snack cake bats (recipe here)

Chocolate snack cake bats

50. witch cupcakes (recipe here)