Creative Way to Decorate Cake With Bubble Wrap

All of the time baking plus the layers and decorations are time consuming and take a level of artful skill to achieve. What tools do you usually use to decorate cakes? Piping bags, or balloon, lace? Have you ever heard of using bubble wrap as a tool in the creative-baking process of a cake? I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but I was blown away after seeing the final product. It’s a definitely Creative Way to Decorate Cake With Bubble Wrap to give cake a very special look.

In the video below, Cakes StepbyStep shows how to temper chocolate using a microwave and also how to use bubble wrap as a stencil to create a very cool basket cake decoration. All you need for this baking hack is a clean piece of bubble wrap and melted tempered chocolate. Better yet, it only takes a few minutes to make your cake look stunning. The next time you make a cake, try to Decorate Cake With Bubble Wrap for yourself and people will be amazed with your skills. Note: When it’s ready to eat, remember to use a hot knife to slice the cake. This will prevent you breaking the chocolate.

Creative Way to Decorate Cake With Babble Wrap