25 Creative Sandwich Ideas That Kids Will Love

Looking for the perfect sandwich recipe for kid’s lunch box or party? Below these mini sandwiches are so cute, and they are easy to make, serve and eat. your kids will be delighted.

11 Creative Sandwich Ideas That Kids Will Love #Food #Sandwich #Kids1.Monster Sandwiches

Your children will be shocked and excited to see that there’s a monster in their lunch box. How cool! Make these sandwiches for a spooky Halloween party, too! Via: Land O’Moms!

Creative Sandwich Ideas Monster-Sandwiches

2.School Book Sandwiches

These healthy snacks look so cute that the kids are sure to gobble them up. Via: Kids Ativities Blog

Creative Sandwich Ideas school-book-sandwiches-for-kids

3.Hedgehog Sandwiches

There are so cute! It maybe needs more patience and abilities, but it might be worth it. Via :E-obento

Hedgehog Sandwiches

4.Animals Sandwiches

A simple sandwich can become a hungry crocodile, so creative! Via :behance

Creative Sandwich Ideas sandwich-animales

5.Snail Sandwich

A fantastically fun way to get kids to eat their sandwiches.  Via: E recipesanil sandwich

6.Bear Sandwich

Via: Buzznet

Creative Sandwich Ideas bear sandwich