DIY Make Simple Slipper

These slippers look gorgeous on your feet, furthermore they fit both a rustic home design and a contemporary or minimalist one.DIY Make Simple Slipper

You will need:

  • leather/felt;
  • Scissors
  • Marker;
  • Sewing machine.


  • Use the pattern that you see in the pictures
  • Measure the length and the width of your shoe sole
  • Take a third measurement from the center of the interior line of the sole, above your foot and to the center of the exterior line of your sole
  • Start building the slipper pattern
  • Put the pattern on the fabric you want your slippers to be made of and mark the outer line
  • Put it on the opposite side and mark the outer line
  • Start cutting the pattern, then sew them
  • That’s it. Enjoy.