DIY Amazing Hairstyle Looks Like Braid

My daughter has long hair and her classic dancing teacher doesn’t want her to cut her long hair, since she may need different hairstyle in different type of dancing. I have been trying different ways to help her manage her hair. Here is one of them I would like to share. It looks just gorgeous and is a great hairstyle for the summer.

diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-01 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-02 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-03 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-04 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-05 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-06 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-07 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-08 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-09 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-10 diy-amazing-hairstyle-looks-like-braid-f