Worry Wyrm Dragon Free Crochet Pattern

This Worry Wyrm Dragon is a playful and whimsical fidget toy. It is a variation on the popular Worry Worm idea. This pattern features a cute and cuddly stuffed head and a slinky, bendy body, making it a fun and unique addition to any crochet collection. This is a no-sew pattern, with all the pieces crocheted in place. Say goodbye to tedious sewing and hello to an easy and enjoyable project. Plus, these dragons are perfect for using up those pesky yarn scraps. Spread some joy and kindness by leaving a Worry Wyrm as a random act of crochet kindness for a stranger to find and enjoy. Let’s get crocheting and watch these little dragons brighten the day of all who encounter them! Thank Thalia Evans for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting!

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Worry Wyrm Dragon