VW Bus Crochet Patterns

If you are crochet lover, you may have tried many different patterns. But have you ever tried vehicles crocheting patterns? Crocheted vehicles offer many hours of fun for little ones! Their soft cuddliness is easy to play with, even for the smallest little fingers. They can be also given as gift for your family or friends who love cars. Now if you want to take on the project, there are some VW Bus Crochet Patterns lying around for long time. I have included a couple of beautiful ones below. There are craft materials to create wheels that actually roll. It’s the movable wheels that really set the first pattern apart from other Amigurumi crochet cars. The other more practicle pattern can help you create a special tissue box,which is a great addition to home decor. Enjoy.

Volkswagen Bus Free Crochet Pattern

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Volkswagen Bus 

Crochet VW Bus Tissue Box Cover Pattern

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Tissue Box Cover VW (inspired) Bus