10+ Free Crochet and Fabric Dress Patterns

Are you looking for some patterns for crocheting top of girl’s dress (either sleeveless or with sleeves), and then sewing fabric to the top for the skirt. Adding crochet to tank tops and T-shirts to create OOAK clothing in a snap is really a unique design to combine the two crafts of sewing and crochet. I’ve rounded up 10+ Free Crochet and Fabric Dress Patterns for your inspiration.

All the patterns are free. Pick one pattern you prefer to get started with a project at these gorgeous crochet + fabric designs dress for your loved ones or just make one as a gift?   It’d be fun and the final product will be amazing. Enjoy crafting.

10+ Free Crochet and Fabric Dress Patterns

Crochet and Fabric Dress with Free Pattern

Free Pattern–>Crochet + Fabric = AWESOME

Summer top made from scarf and crochet yoke

Free Pattern–>Keila Top

sweet crochet and sew dress with free pattern

Free Pattern–>Sweet Crochet + Sew Dress