Crocodile Stitch Mandarin Coat Crochet Pattern

Crocodile crochet stitch is relatively new in the history of crochet, but it gained quick popularity as soon as it emerged on the craft scene. Crocodile stitch crochet patterns are great to add a bit of flare to your project. This Crocodile Stitch Mandarin Coat Crochet Pattern is not only beautiful, but also can turn your entire project into an art piece.

This crochet baby sweater uses a good rainbow pattern. The layered look has an appealing style that really makes a project stand out as unique. The arms are done in a different stitch to create a beautiful shape for the coat. It is just too cute! You won’t be able to wait for your kid to wear this homemade crochet sweater.

Crocodile Stitch Mandarin Coat Crochet PatternClick below link for paid pattern…

Crocodile Stitch Mandarin Coat