Crochet Pretty Peacock Patterns

I love the brilliant colors of peacock feathers and their amazing, almost hypnotic patterns. They are an attempt to try and capture some of that mesmerizing beauty. The double-sided, reversible Crochet Pretty Peacock Blanket is a dream in peacock shades. It’s also a great blanket to cozy up in or to use as a bedspread. The double thickness means that you and your loved ones will be extra warm this year – and extra fashionable too.With winter in full swing, don’t shiver yourself to the bone – make one blanket from crochet patterns below and stay warm until spring.Crochet Pretty Peacock BlanketPhoto credit via ravelry,anniescatalog

Crochet Pretty Peacock Blanket

Paid pattern via Ravelry

1.Peacock Feather Applique

Free Pattern via Living the Craft Life

Peacock Feather Applique - Free Pattern

2.Crochet Peacock Feathers

Free pattern via Ravelry

Crochet Peacock Feathers

3.Peacock Motif

Free pattern via Madewithloops

Peacock Motif with free pattern

4.Peacock Feather Square

Free pattern via Ravelry

Peacock Feather Square with free pattern

5.Peacock Scarf

Photo credit via Deviant Art

Peacock Scarf