Amigurumi Snail Free Crochet Pattern

Snails are those lovely creatures that carry their home with themselves and can sleep wherever they want. Most people think snails are slimy, stinking repulsive little creatures that are best left under the rocks. However in crocheting world, just about any topic or theme can be magically turned into something adorable with the use of a well designed pattern. This Amigurumi Snail Free Crochet Pattern looks particularly cute. The designs are very creative and unique. The pattern is as not difficult as it looks like, as long as you know the simple techniques of crochet. They can be used as little great gifts. Thanks Marjan and Amigurumi Today for sharing the wonderful free crochet patterns.The links for the free patterns are provided below photos. Happy crocheting.

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Click below link for free pattern…

Rainbow Snail 

Amigurumi Snail Free Crochet PatternClick below link for free pattern…

Amigurumi Snail