Christmas Cutlery Holders Free Crochet Patterns

The Christmas cutlery holder is a perfect decoration for the dinner table and a great way to hold utensils. It’s also a great way to show off your crocket skills to your guest. Both of Christmas Cutlery Holders Free Crochet Patterns are free. These patterns not only have great step by step instructions, but they also have images to go with them if you have any trouble! Both of the holders are relatively simple to make if you have experience, and after you make one, you can easily whip up a few more!

Depending on which design you like more, either the vest or the pants, you can choose which pattern you want. This is a fun and easy way to “flair” up the dinner table. If you want to gift a friend easily, you can make one of these holders and toss in a few candy canes. The possibilities are endless with these incredibly amazing Christmas cutlery holders.
Check out the patterns below now. If you can’t crochet or don’t want to, you can use this amazon link instead to buy the same thing: Vest Cutlery Holder Free Crochet Pattern

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Santas Vest Cutlery Holder 


Christmas Santa Pants Cutlery Holder Free Crochet Patterns

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 Santa Pants Cutlery Holder