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DIY Lovely Low Bun Hairstyle with Waterfall Braid

Stylized bun with plaited hair will make you look classy. To make this cute and chic hairstyle, first you need to make a slanting waterfall...

DIY Chips Sunflower Salad Is Perfect for Party

The salad in ready condition really looks like a sunflower. Very simple to prepare, but in the original submission will be a bright salad...

DIY Wonderful Mosaic Planter Using Old Wheel Rim

Do you have an old wheel rim? Look at the idea below, you can use it to make a beautiful mosaic planter. You’ll just...

16 Food Arts

16 different food arts. They look simple, but very creative. Let us know how many you are going to make.

DIY Pretty Hanging Plastic Bottle Vases for Party Decor

Pretty vases can be made out of plastic bottles.  You can then choose fabric with different colors and patterns to decorate them.  It would...

How to Make a Lamb With Cotton Sticks

What a lovely lamb. This is one of the great activities you can do with kids for any type event. The materials are readily...
DIY Plastic Bottle Yarn Holder

DIY Plastic Bottle Yarn Holder DIY Projects

Nice plastic bottle yarn holder. You will not have to worry about your yarn being tangled and all over the place. Good idea!

How to Make Beautiful Snowflakes Paper Craft

Summer is here. Hope you can feel little bit cool with those pictures. :)

How to DIY Friendship Bracelet leaves Pattern with Video Tutorial

With summer on the way you might have that itch to feel young again. This tutorial for Friendship Bracelet leaves Pattern will get you...

Food Art – Fish Bubbling in Water

It's very simple to make, but very cool idea.

How to Make Bracelet with a Knot of Silk Cord

This is another way to make a bracelet with a knot of silk cord. The steps to make it is really simple as you...