Knit Halter Top Free Patterns

Summer is coming for most part of the world. Rising temperatures mean it’s time to turn to more summer-friendly knitting projects. Finding a warm-weather garment can be a challenge, but this cute knitted halter top is a perfect choice for summer time. You can wear it on the beach or go out in the evening. These Knit Halter Top Free Patterns will help you to create a necessary accessory for this hot summer. They don’t require much yarn, and many of them have open lacy stitches that you can complete in just a day. Enjoy.

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Knit Halter Top Free PatternClick below link for free pattern…

Drawstring Camisole


No pattern for below knit halter top, but super cute. Photo via Pinterest.Fashion Knit Halter Top

Kniited Halter Top for Girl Free Pattern

Click below link for free pattern…

Halter Top