DIY Make Jersey Finger Knitted Bracelets

Jersey-Finger-Knitted-Bracelets-DIY-0-0 Jersey-Finger-Knitted-Bracelets-DIY-0-1

In another tutorial, we introduced arm knitting beautiful scarf. Today we are showing this awesome project of how to make cute bracelets out of fabric with finger knitting. You can knit one in a few minutes once you master the basics. Check out the picture, instructions and video for details. Enjoy.

You will need:

  • 3 strips of 1 inch jersey knit fabric (each one should be at least 58 inches long);
  • scissors and your fingers.


  • First you need to decide how thick you want your bracelet to be. Choose between, 2, 3 or 4 fingers.
  • Take the first strip and at the ends of it make a small hole, do the same for all 3.
  • Take the first 2 strips and overlap the ends where the holes are, take the other end and pass it through the hole. This way you will connect the strips together. Do the same move with the third strip and you can start knitting.
  • Start knitting like you can see in the pictures and continue the process until you have 5 inches left, carefully take the loops down from your fingers and secure them by making a knot.
  • After you have secured the end, tie both ends together in a double knot and a bow, trim the ends if they are very long and you are done.