He Flips A Glass Tank Upside-Down, Now Watch What The Fish Do Inside… Incredible!

Fish are some of the most peaceful pets you can have. They have very low maintenance, don’t eat a lot, and you don’t have to take them for a walk. Having fish outside in their own pond can even increase the value of your home. But one homeowner decided to put his skills to good use and present his fish with a wonderful surprise. He built a glass vertical fish tank by hand, filled it with water, and upside down fish tank, guess what happens next?

The result is a wonderful tower that the fish can swim into and scope out the world around them. He’s stated that in the daytime, there are at least 20 fish who are in the tower, and then swim down into their pond when it gets darker.

upside down fish aquarium tank pond

German YouTuber “TChelmut” made his tank from 1 to 1.5 cm thick glass. He says the aquarium did not need to be fixed at the bottom because of its weight. Without water it is 110 pounds (50 kg). With water it’s about 352 pounds (160 kg). The fish are free to come and go as they please and really seem to like it, crowding into the tower one on top of the other. Although the tower can look a little crowded, the fish simply look larger than they are because of the glass and water.

Below video will show you how to make a fish tower