Stuffed Baby Whale Made of Old Denim Jeans

Whether it’s jeans your kids have outgrown, or the ones don’t fit any more that are still taking up space at the bottom of your drawer, don’t throw them away. You can make a great Stuffed Baby Whale that kids would love for sure.

Stuffed Baby Whale Made of Old Denim Jeans
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This is such a great design and incorporates using both sides of the jean denim fabric for contrast. The “wrong” side of denim jeans makes for a great whale belly doesn’t it. It’s quite easy to make it. Any size or shade will do. Light wash, dark wash, somewhere in between– the more colors of blue, the more fun the creation!

Mevrouw has written a super detailed tutorial sharing exactly how she made this adorable stuffed toy whale. Click below link for tutorial…

DIY Denim Whale