DIY Knee Wall Dresser to Save Space

If you didn’t get to design your house from the early building stages, you may have run into a few storage problems here and there. Dresser could be just one of them, since they can get really bulky, take up way too much space, and really make a room feel a lot smaller than it is. Luckily, there is a simple solution you can resort to, if the structure of the walls allows you (so make sure you check this first before going into any further specifics). You can make a Knee Wall Dresser without sacrificing a single square inch of floor space.

Knee walls are the short interior walls built beneath the roof rafters.In most cases a knee wall is not a load-bearing partition. If you’re not sure if a knee wall is load-bearing, you should consult a licensed contractor or structural engineer. You can convert this hidden, unused spaces into valuable Knee Wall Dresser. The DIY project isn’t so hard you wouldn’t implement it. It’s not easy either! Let’s say it is not for the beginner DIY enthusiast. You can go ahead with the project and carefully read through all of the steps mentioned in tutorial. The final result is perfect for the space you gain, in your room and in the wall as well.

DIY Knee Wall Dresser to Save Space DIY Knee-Wall Dresser to Save Space

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DIY Knee-Wall Dresser to Save Space

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DIY Knee-Wall Dresser to Save Space

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How to Install Knee-Wall Storage