How to Make a Quiet Book with Video

If you have never seen a quiet book before. You may wonder what a quiet book is. They go by different names, but the main idea is the same. A quiet book is a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain children.  Quiet books can be made for any age children. They should be fun and hold a child’s interest. There are books for babies with fun, contrasting imagery as well as books for older children containing pieces and game boards for classics like hangman, checkers, and tic tac toe.  Some people design their pages to be sewn together in a permanent book, while others add grommets to their pages and make books with interchangeable pages (like a binder). Here is a no-sew quiet book tutorial. Hope you enjoy.

My {Crooked} Quiet Book

how to make a quiet book

If you plan to make a book yourself, here has some ideas for your reference.

how to make a quiet book idea