DIY Woven Amazing Storage Baskets out of Drinking Straws

Did you know you could use a straw for other things besides drinking? Today I share with you how to weave a basket out of drinking straws. It might seem hard, but with a picture tutorial, it will feel much easier.

What Needed:

  • a bunch of straws
  • some small paper clips
  • scissors

diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-01 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-03 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-04

To make a basket out of drinking straws you have to start weaving by folding four straws in half and then interlinking them in the way . After that weave four more straws and link the two units together. Keep on repeating and linking the units. diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-05 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-06 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-07 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-08 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-09 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-10 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-11 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-12 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-13 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-14 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-15 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-16 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-17 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-18

diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-19diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-20 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-21 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-22 diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-23diy-woven-straw-storage-baskets-i