DIY Victoria’s Secret No Sewing Swimsuit Cover-Up

If you love going to beaches, you may want to own a beautiful swimsuit cover-up, but you may already have found out that a great one fitting your style is one of the hardest things to find in stores. Now you won’t have to settle for the boring styles you can buy because you can whip one of these beauties up in minutes. Seriously, some are no sew cover-ups! That’s right!

Look at the one below, wouldn’t this make a great beach cover-up? Would be a cinch to make? Not only does it help you feel more modest, but it’s the perfect time to show off some cute waterside fashion. All you need is to find a very thin terry cloth, like the kind used for baby towels. You can buy a variety of colors on Amazon for only $7 a yard! You could also use stretch knit fabric, but it wouldn’t make for very good absorbancy. Want to make one of these yourself? Check out the video below.

So next time if you’re headed to the beach, this cover-up provides beautiful and practical inspiration.

DIY Victoria's Secret No Sewing Swimsuit Cover-Up 1