DIY Rotating Canned Food System

Storing canned food in your kitchen cabinets is an inefficient use of space and you will often find old cans in the back.  It is also problematic that they rarely stack neatly on top of one another. So are you looking for a perfect can holder, can dispenser, can rack, or can organizer to meet your need? This easy-to-build shelf system will solve the problem by rotating the cans. It’s easy to do a visual condition check. It takes up minimal space because it’s vertical. This vertical storage gives you a view of what items are available and what needs to be replenished. It also provides you with easy access to the items you want right on the bottom end of the storage. And it automatically rotates items because new goes in the top and the oldest items are taken from the bottom. In other words, it’s an automatic stock rotation system. The cost is a small fraction of the price of retail canned food systems. There are many variations, so modify the plans to suit your needs and abilities.

DIY Rotating canned food system

Would you like to have this system for your pantry or cellar? Follow the video below to DIY it.