DIY Origami Twisty Rose

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which transforms a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. This Origami Rose is really awesome. It is not as hard as it looks like.  This Origami rose involves folding and sculpting with tweezers to form the rose petals, which look really unique and beautiful. You not only make a flower wreath like photo, but also decorate photo frame etc.  You can use the video for reference if you need to. You should definitely try it out!DIY Origami Twisty RoseDIY Origami Twisty Rosediy-origami-twisty-rose-1 diy-origami-twisty-rose-2 diy-origami-twisty-rose-3 diy-origami-twisty-rose-4 diy-origami-twisty-rose-5 diy-origami-twisty-rose-6 diy-origami-twisty-rose-7 diy-origami-twisty-rose-8 diy-origami-twisty-rose-9 diy-origami-twisty-rose-10diy-origami-twisty-rose-11 diy-origami-twisty-rose-12 DIY Origami Twisty Rose