How to DIY Tipsy Solar Fountain

Are you looking for a fun project to do around the outside of your home? Adding visual appeal to your homestead is not difficult to do, but the hardest part will be finding the right project. If you want to add a water fountain in your backyard garden.The pre-made ones at the garden supply store can be quite expensive, but you can make a special one yourself.
Here is a lovely Tipsy Solar Fountain from galvanized tubs for you to consider.

The best thing about a solar fountain is you do not require a water pump that might need to be connected to an extension cord. A simple solar pump kit is all you will need to make your fountain work. However you also need a variety of materials and tools to build the structure or frame of the fountain.

You will need to use items made of metal to make a DIY solar fountain. This will includes a metal washtub and some metal buckets. The top of the fountain will be a metal watering can. A fountain like this is an excellent idea for a garden decoration too.

How to make a unique solar fountain That Sprinkles Water

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How to make a unique solar fountain in a small space