How to DIY Make A Cute Sock Teddy Bear

What can be easier than creating such a teddy bear!? All the necessary material could be easily found at home.

What needed:

  • A colored sock
  • A piece of white material
  • Scissor
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pencils
  • Cotton

Follow these steps:

Draw the teddy bear on the sock. After you finished drawing, start cutting the sock. First we will finish the head of the bear and the body later. Fill the head and ears with cotton. Place the white material on the head of the bear and draw the eyes. Sew them with the thread. Fill also the body of the teddy bear with cotton. Attach the body to the head by sewing the two parts together. Add also a button as the nose and sew a little mouth. Now the little cute sock bear is finished.


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