DIY Make Chocolate Flower Bouquet

chocolate-flower-bouquet-tutorial diy-gift-idea-edible-flower-bouque-chocolates-materials-tutorial diy-rose-bud-crepe-paper-ferrero-rocher-chocolate

diy-chocolate-flower-bouquet-rose-buds-ferrero-rocher diy-rose-wedding-arrangement-rosebuds-ferrero-rocher-chocolates

Do you want to give some special flowers to your special friend? What about sending a beautiful flower bouquet made out of sweet chocolate with delicate paper?

You will need:

  • scissors
  • crepe paper (green and pink or a color you wish)
  • a cutter
  • chocolate (preferably circular)
  • gold thread
  • sticks for the stems
  • glue
  • foil or gold paper


  • Wrap the chocolates with gold foil and secure with gold thread.
  • Start making the petals.
  • Prepare a couple of squares of pink crepe paper. You will need 2 squares for each flower.
  • Overlap them then fold once to cut out the upper corner of the opening, in a round shape.
  • Prepare as many petals as you need to create your bouquet.
  • Place the wrapped chocolates on the petals and cover them gently.
  • Secure with gold thread.
  • Make the flower stalks. For this, prepare a couple of squares of green crepe paper and cut out some triangles at the top (to obtain the shape of a ” fence”).
  • Glue the bottom part of the ”little green fences” to buds.
  • Attach sticks placing a strip of green paper over it and secure it with glue.