10+ DIY Cute Sock Bunnies

Easter is around the corner. It is time to make some bunnies. If you are looking for doing something differently for this, here is a nice and fun DIY project to make some cute sock bunnies.

Take a look the end projects below. These little guys are so adorable any child will love them. They are the toys crafted from the heart, so it can be a great gift idea. You can make them quickly and easily and the kids will love to make one too.

How to make cute sock bunnies

You may use different sizes of socks to come out with various sizes of sock bunnies.  You’ll need to prepare the following materials: socks (white, pink or gray), colored thread, two round seeds beads or buttons for the rabbit’s eyes, a ribbon, cotton for stuffing, scissors, needles, pens and an iron. Click these link under photo for tutorial…

DIY Pretty Rabbit with Sock

DIY Soft Sock Easter Bunny Tutorial

DIY Cute Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny Sewing Tutorial