DIY Crystal Pendant Family Photo Ornaments

The DIY Crystal Pendant Family Photo Ornaments are a fabulous gift idea, which makes beautiful keepsakes for your friends and family. Whether shimmering from evergreen branches or wrapped up as a gift, these ornaments are sure to sparkle with meaning for all that behold them. You can also make them to decorate your Christmas tree. Just imagine how wonderful an entire tree would be with these nostalgic baubles!

It is easy to create them with photos of loved ones. The suppliers include inexpensive chandelier crystals, some beads and beading supplies. The chandelier crystals give the finished product a rich and elegant feel.  You can commemorate a wedding, baby’s first year, or pay homage to generations past.

DIY Crystal Pendant Family Photo Ornaments
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Click below link for tutorial with step by step directions for making them.

Crystal Pendant Ornaments