How to Make a Built-in Roll-out Bed You Have Never Thought of (Video)

We don’t have a very big guest room and most of the time that room is being used for other purposes, so when family announces they are coming to visit, it is always a mad dash to rearrange things to provide a place for them to sleep.  In most of the homes, this is the case. So, you should consider about this DIY Built-in Roll-out Bed. This is a very creative project that hides entire bed inside.

Build a DIY Built-in Roll-out Bed to Save Space

This is the perfect solution for small spaces and tiny apartments. Even if you don’t lack room size, you gain a large amount of space for being able to hide the bed to make better use of the space in between house guests. Now you have a perfect solution for your overnight guests.

The bed consists of just a few pieces, which can easily be put together. The bigger one against the wall is for the storage of the mattress. The smaller one is an accordion-like bed platform that pulls out from the wall.

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