28 DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Tutorials

All of these ideas are a fantastic way to give the Mom-to-Be something special that tells her how much you care.  These homemade gift ideas for babies include adorable gift baskets, nursery decor, diaper gifts, quite books, newborn clothing including soft shoes, diaper bags, baby bibs, and even baby blankets.  Almost all these gifts can be customized in some way to either match the theme of a nursery, or a favorite color, etc…so many possibilities. Homemade presents for baby showers are easier than you think! You will certainly impress any new mama with any one of these amazing homemade presents! This Baby Sock Bouquet is one of the best ideas that you will find and it couldn’t be cuter. Which one do you like the best?

8. Crochet Baby Bib and Baby Bootie

Free Pattern via here
Free baby bib and baby bootie crochet pattern

9.Diaper Babies

Tutorial via here
Diaper Babies

10.Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea

Tutorial via here
Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea

11.No Sew Floor Pillow

Tutorial via here

No Sew Floor Pillow

12.Baby Sock Rose Bouquet

Tutorial via here

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet

13.DIY Diaper Tricycle Cake

Tutorial via here
DIY Diaper Tricycle Cake

14.Sleepy Bear Diaper Cake

Photo via here
Sleepy Bear Diaper Cake
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