DIY 15 Creative Ways to Use Paper Doily

Here are some creative ways to use paper doilies. Anyone you would like to try? They all look very beautiful.DIY 15 Creative Ways to Use Paper Doilydiy-paper-doily-chandelier-martha-stewart-weddingsPaper Doily Wedding Chandelier: this easy and beautiful doily chandelier, the perfect addition to any reception decor. (source here)

diy-paper-lace-doily-lanternsPaper Doily Lanterns:(source here)

DIY Paper Doily FlowerPaper Doily Flower: (source here)

diy-paper-doily-menusPaper Doily Menus:Paper doilies make a lovely background for your dinner menu, and fit nicely on most dinner plates. (Source here)

doily-table-runnerPaper doily table runner: varying sizes of paper doilies make for a unique and inexpensive tablescape. (source here)

Doily-LightPaper Doily String Lights: For a simple way to add a little dimension to those string lights, add paper doilies!

3d-hanging-doily3D doily hanging: Beautiful, it’s great for any party. (source here)

paper-doily-wreathPaper doily wreath: It’s a amazing. (source here)


Paper Doily Pom poms:So cute and so colorful. (Source here)

DIY-Paper-Doily-EnvelopesPaper Doily Envelopes:  (Source here)

Paper doily cupcake wrappersPaper doily cupcake wrappers: Simple and elegant . (Source here)

paper-doily-rosePaper doily rose: (source here)

Paper Doily Letter GarlandPaper Doily Letter Garland: (source here)

paper-doily-wall-artPaper doily wall art: These Flowers on the wall are paper doilies with golden thumbtacks.

vintage-diy-flower-garland-of-paper-doiliesPaper Doily Vintage Flower:(source here)