The Mackintosh Roses Shawl Crochet Pattern

Art can come in many delicate forms, such as on paper or on clay. However, one thing you may have not expected is “wearable art!” Truly, it is a magnificent and artistically appealing piece of clothing! This is an amazing shawl, displayed with beautiful roses and gorgeous designs, making it perfect for all seasons. The beautiful design and texture of this Mackintosh Roses Shawl give it a stunning stained or tinted glass effect! The many colors, displayed against a black background, really make the pattern pop! Furthermore, this shawl provides an adequate amount of warmth and comfort, protecting you against harsh winds! This is a paid pattern designed by , but we have other rose shawl free patterns available in case you are looking for free pattern. The link for the paid pattern is provided below photo. Happy crochet.

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The Mackintosh Roses Shawl