Marci Tunisian Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Do you know what is perfect for the cold Winter days but also adds chic to your outfits? This beautiful Marci Tunisian Hat Crochet Pattern! It can protect you from the wind and cold, but can still retain its beautiful style. If you know how to crochet but have never tried Tunisian Crochet, it’s a great challenge to try out and very rewarding! Although this Tunisian Crochet Pattern looks like a knit beanie or slouchy style hat, the amazing part is that it’s not knitted but intricately crocheted! Whether or not you decide to stay simple with one color and bring out the texture or use a variety of colors to bring out the design, the possibilities are endless and the result will still be beautiful! Thanks Tonya Bush for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo.  Happy crocheting!

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Marci Tunisian Hat